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Edit section properties without modifying its measurements

To model masonry walls using the wide column method, it is necessary to place properties of the transformed section, hence the need to be able to edit the properties of the section without having to change its measurements.
10 days ago in RAM Elements 0 Needs review

Column and Beam Splice connection considering seismic provision AISC 341

Please Incorporate the Splice Connections consider the seismic provisions from AISC 341-10 codes in RAM connection software. This will be very useful for High seismic zone.
24 days ago in RAM Connection 0 Needs review

Steel Member Web Openings

The ability to add steel beam web openings would be very helpful. SBeam is the only way to do that now, but it requires pulling loads out of Elements, instead of being integrated into the main program or even the steel beam module.
25 days ago in RAM Elements 0 Needs review

Bring RAM SS into the 21st century

It's now 2024, many if not all of the requests in this forum have been open requests for YEARS and in some cases over a DECADE. Why is this program not being updated other than for new code requirements? Wind uplift still has not been implemented ...
23 days ago in RAM Structural System 0 Needs review

Allow user to see controlling limit state without opening the detailed report.

We should have the ability to see at least what limit state or element of the connection is failing without having to open the results output, which is very slow and time-consuming. If we were provided a small list of elements/limit states, we cou...
17 days ago in RAM Connection 0 Needs review

List of Ram elements improvements - better user experience

See attached files.
about 1 month ago in RAM Elements 4 Needs review

Gradual Loads on Shells

I would like to add a fluid load which varies with depth to shells. Currently the best workaround is to segment the shells and lower the load as depth decreases. It would be nice not to need to do this
about 1 month ago in RAM Elements 0 Future consideration

Concrete Column Slenderness Check to ACI 318

When the bottom of the Column is a foundation and user elects to use Col forces from RAM Concept whereby no Concept forces/moments and therefore RSS will use RAM Conc Analysis(for Col bottom forces and those moments are always negative), for a lac...
about 1 month ago in RAM Structural System 0 Needs review

Zoom With Mouse Scroll in RAM Beam

RAM Beam needs to allow zoom with mouse scroll similar to other RAM modules.
over 1 year ago in RAM Structural System 2 Future consideration

Give us a real API and pathway to add our own features

Autodesk, CSI, and other applications provide the users a vast API to allow their creativity to facilitate the design process. Give us a proper API in a real programming language such as Python, C#, or C++, that allows users to create custom funct...
17 days ago in RAM Structural System 0 Needs review